Who We Are

We optimize the integrity and sustainability of assets in the built environment through high-value technical advisory services.

Your leading partner for technical expertise and consulting services

Our 400 experts across the USA offer highly technical expertise in the testing, inspection and certification industry. We optimize the integrity and the sustainability of critical assets in the construction and infrastructure sectors through our consulting services, by assembling and coordinating holistic teams of technical experts and advisors to solve our clients’ most complex problems, from conception to project execution, throughout the lifecycle of assets, around the globe.

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Our Value Proposition

Holistic Approach

A multidisciplinary perspective and the ability to optimize communication among stakeholders and specialists on design and construction teams guides clients through complex project decisions to arrive at the most efficient and realistic solutions.

Technical Bench

A uniquely qualified and highly specialized internal team structure that is deep in number and expertise, making it easy to manage many high-profile projects simultaneously.


Trusted third-party independence and industry-leading expertise in managing and mitigating risk throughout an asset’s life cycle offers unbiased solutions.

Asset Life Cycle

Consistent engagement throughout the entire life cycle of an asset or project, from the early stages of design through the end of construction and post-occupancy.

Track Record

A proud history of success and development of strong client relationships with 80% of our clients continuing to seek our services to help them deliver projects and assets that look great and perform even better.

Thought Leadership

Development of industry standards and guidelines for others to follow by leading the development of codes, continuing education of the industry’s organizations and authoring technical publications.

We provide solutions to our clients’ most complex challenges through our holistic expertise

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