20 Years Later - Rebuilding the World Trade Center Site

Sat 09/11/2021 - 12:37

20 years ago, a devastating event shook the world and no one will ever forget.

We remember each person lost.

We remember, recognize, and appreciate the countless amount of work that went into search and rescue, securing the surrounding area, and securing our nation.

We reflect on the revitalization of lower Manhattan and the reconstruction of the World Trade Center that continues today.

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We invite you to remember some of the memories that have shaped life for all of us.

September 21, 2001

Members of the Vidaris team, then known as Israel Berger and Associates, arrived on the scene days after the attack to provide emergency response and repairs on buildings surrounding the World Trade Center site. Vidaris was involved in more than a dozen projects in the surrounding area and is still working on some of the sites daily.


Within days, the team was approached by Silverstein Properties to assist in insurance related matters on World Trade Center Tower 7 and then worked on the redesign and construction of the first building to be reconstructed on the site. Pictured above is Tower 7 in 2013.


The team was then contracted for the Freedom Tower, now known as One World Trade Center. The 1st photo shows the first steel beam of One World Trade Center rising, and the 2nd photo shows the overall construction site with the starting-to-rise One World Trade Center.


The design team held countless meetings. Pictured below is Marc Weissbach at Silverstein's office.

Vidaris has invested more than 30,000 hours since 9/11 on the reconstruction of One World Trade Center alone. Vidaris has provided building envelope consulting, roofing & waterproofing, LEED/green and energy consulting and monitoring services across the various World Trade Center and adjacent sites. 


Vidaris facilitated curtain wall mock-up testing on One World Trade Center.


Marc Weissbach standing inside the World Trade Center Memorial pool.

"We are humbled and honored to have been and continue to be involved in the reconstruction of the World Trade Center Site," said Marc Weissbach.


Jeffrey Somerlot, President, on the 1st photo, signs the base of the One World Trade Center spire on a site visit. 

Lindsey Snogles, seen on the 2nd photo with the spire for One World Trade Center, spent years in fabrication plants and on-site monitoring and assisting through project completion.  Lindsey also spent thousands of hours toward sourcing the marble for One World Trade Center's Lobby.

Edward Madocks, (former) Director of Roofing and Waterproofing at Vidaris, shares how much he remembers working outside in the brutal cold of winter, and how despite dealing with weather conditions, "it was such a privilege to work on and be responsible for one of the most iconic buildings of my lifetime...and in history."



Progress photo of the site. 


Flood mitigation strategies implemented at 7 World Trade.


Progress photo of Tower 3.  The Museum, Memorial, Transportation Hub and completed Tower 4 sit adjacent to the tower.


Some of our project team had the opportunity to get a semi-private viewing of the completed One World Observatory, pictured in the photo above and below.  Pictured above (left to right): Zachary Nord, Jeffrey Somerlot, Marc Weissbach, James Ostroski, Dan Popadynec and Michael Chen.

The skyline of downtown Manhattan as of April 2016. 


Progress photos of Tower 3, as of September 5th, 2017.


Paver/sidewalk repairs completed at 7 World Trade Center that coincided with some facade repairs.


Skyline of lower Manhattan.


Ribbon cutting ceremony held for 3 WTC.


Completed photo of Tower 3 and Tower 4.


Vidaris is re-involved at One World Trade Center for facade inspection (of the existing building) as part of a cyclical inspection program mandated by PANYNJ.

Written by Michelle Maxwell, Marketing Manager

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