SOCOTEC USA has accomplished LEED v4 Certification for the Florida International University Parkview project

Thu 25/04/2024 - 04:52

SOCOTEC is proud to announce that its support on the Florida International University Parkview dormitory project has successfully achieved LEED v4 NC (New Construction) Certification. 

FIU Parkview is a Lodging Dormitories project with 299,530 sf of gross area located within the FIU premises. The main sustainability features include energy savings of 12%, Indoor water use reduction savings of 30%, great open spaces and a walkable project site which incorporates design elements that promote walking, biking and other non-motorized transportation on the project site and in the surrounding community.

We congratulate the team of companies and professionals who made this achievement possible.

Join us in celebrating SOCOTEC's Energy & Sustainability team members who participated in the success of this project: Juliette Desfeux (LEED) and Muhammad Shoaib (LEED).

To learn more about the LEED v4 Certification, click here.



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