SOCOTEC USA has achieved LEED v2009 Gold Certification for the Nancy J. Cotterman Center

Mon 29/04/2024 - 06:35

SOCOTEC is proud to announce that the Nancy J. Cotterman Center has achieved LEED v2009 NC (New Construction) Gold Level Certification.

The Nancy J. Cotterman Center stands as a testament to Broward County's commitment to aiding survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking. Spanning approximately 27,000 square feet, its sustainable design incorporates numerous features, including a 28% increase in energy efficiency through the utilization of PV panels, significant reductions in indoor water usage (35%), and outdoor water usage (>50%), along with dedicated efforts to maximize natural daylight within the facility. 

Congratulations to the companies and teams that make this project a success in achieving this certification. 

SOCOTEC Team: Rafael Sanchez (LEED), Alyssa Gibbons (LEED), and Steve Samenski (EM)

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