Vidaris and its Affiliated Companies Announce Rebrand to SOCOTEC

Tue 06/07/2021 - 02:49

New York, NY (July 6, 2021). Vidaris, a leading provider of TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification), consulting, and advisory services with a strategic focus on building and infrastructure asset integrity, announced today that it, along with each of its affiliated companies, have completed an extensive rebranding initiative since joining with the SOCOTEC Group in 2019.

Vidaris, LPI, CBI Consulting, C2G International, Synergen Consulting International, David Pattillo & Associates, Construction Project Analytics Group, Veritas Advisory Group, Flatiron Consulting Group, and Helmes & Co unite under one brand – SOCOTEC – to promote their collective offerings throughout the marketplace.

Previously eight different brands, the rebrand further solidifies the company’s stance as a single industry leader in the building and infrastructure sectors – SOCOTEC - offering the combined highly technical expertise of an expansive and holistic network of experts. Together, as SOCOTEC, the company will continue to provide solutions to their clients’ most complex challenges at all phases of a project, through six service lines: (i) Building Envelope; (ii) Energy & Sustainability; (iii) Code & Planning; (iv) Project Advisory; (v) Dispute Resolution; and (vi) Specialty Engineering.

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We undertook this rebranding effort to reflect that Vidaris and the entire US platform are an integral part of the SOCOTEC Group. United under one brand, we reinforce that we form a team of experts delivering highly technical professional services, in a comprehensive and coordinated manner that provides solutions to our clients’ most complex issues, for the integrity, sustainability, and throughout the lifecycle of their most valuable assets, around the globe,said Vidaris CEO Marc Weissbach.It’s an exciting and essential milestone for the company, as we must combine our efforts to tackle the challenges facing the industry: buildings and infrastructure have to become smarter, more sustainable, with a reduced impact on the environment, often resulting in increased complexity of design and regulations, demanding highly specialized expertise and collaboration. There is a growing number of disputes and claim size; today, SOCOTEC forms one of the largest networks of Dispute Resolution and Project advisory experts in the USA. Finally, continuing to attract and retain the best talents is essential to our success and joining our forces under one brand will support this effort.

We have important ambitions for SOCOTEC in the USA, and the rebrand is a strategic step towards reaching them,added Hervé Montjotin, CEO of the SOCOTEC Group. In 2024, we want to double our revenue and headcount in the US vs. 2019, making the US a major platform for the SOCOTEC Group. This is an ambitious but reachable objective as we can count on both organic growth and a strong M&A strategy, made possible by our resilience in the midst of the pandemic.

The rebranded SOCOTEC USA platform is a leading provider of specialty consulting services within the TIC industry, focusing on high-performance buildings and specialty structures. With an integrated, holistic approach, SOCOTEC experts provide solutions through 6 service lines: building envelope, energy & sustainability, code & planning, dispute resolution, project advisory and specialty engineering. In the USA, SOCOTEC employs over 360 professionals in 21 offices.

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