SOCOTEC Provides Construction Dispute Analysis & Claims Response in Pipeline Project


Project name: Ohio/West Virginia Pipeline

Client: Confidential

Location: Ohio/West Virginia

Services Provided: Claims Assistance & Dispute Resolution

SOCOTEC was retained by the pipeline owner to provide analysis and respond to the contractor’s $70 million claim for costs due to delay, productivity impacts, and scope changes, and to compute damages suffered by the owner following the contractor’s abandonment of the project.

The contractor presented over 40 scope change requests as well as delay/productivity claims related to a foreign pipeline which was alleged to have not been properly disclosed. The contractor claimed the foreign pipeline substantially affected the contractor’s means in methods of construction. SOCOTEC provided testimony in response to the contractor’s claims, agreeing the contractor was due approximately $1.3 million in direct costs for changes and scope.

Further, SOCOTEC responded to contractor’s delay/productivity claims using complex trial graphics incorporating Google Earth/KMZ files and design drawings. Lastly, SOCOTEC computed the damages suffered by the owner following the contractor's abandonment of the project.

The judge concluded the contractor was due $1.3 million in scope increases as quantified by SOCOTEC and rejected entirely all other contractor claims. Additionally, the judge awarded our client over $14 million in damages for the completion of the project following the contractor’s abandonment.

Congratulations to our trial team led by Brad Bright, Marcus Butterly, Ken Monson, and Alex Moore.

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