Amy Peevey inducted as first female of IIBEC

Amy Peevey Inducted as First Female President of IIBEC

Wed 08/03/2023 - 10:04

Amy Peevey, Principal Regional Director, was recently sworn in as the first female President of IIBEC (International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants) at the organization’s 40th Anniversary Conference.

We interviewed Amy to hear more about what this new role entails and what's at the top of her agenda:

Amy Peevey engineering background

Question: Would you tell us about your time with the IIBEC?

Amy Peevey: I’ve been a member of the IIBEC for 15 years. I’ve been a speaker at two symposiums, three conferences, and one virtual, on-demand course. I‘ve served five years as a Chapter board member, more than five years as Building Symposium Chair, and three years on the IIBEC Executive Committee: first, as Secretary/Treasurer 2020-2021, Second Vice President 2021-2022, and lastly as First Vice President 2022-2023.

Question: Can you tell us about your tenure in the engineering and construction industry overall?

Amy Peevey: I’ve spent the bulk of my career in the greater Houston area and Central Texas. My focus area is in the design and construction of building envelopes. I’ve also testified in over 24 cases. I’ve consulted in the commercial, entertainment, education, and healthcare industries. I think it’s important to be well-rounded as an engineer.


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Membership benefits

Question: How do you think that IIBEC can support other engineers in gaining a broad skillset like yours?

Amy Peevey: IIBEC’s best benefit for the building enclosure community is through our education and certification programs. We offer in-person education at our annual conference, symposium, and chapter meetings. Furthermore, IIBEC’s on-demand virtual education portal offers a wide range of technical and skill-based content.

Question: How has your career been impacted by membership in the IIBEC?

Amy Peevey: My career has benefited astronomically through networking and ongoing educational development. I entered the industry with a singularly focused engineering perspective. Now, I have developed into a well-rounded building enclosure consultant who understands all critical aspects of a building’s life cycle. My membership and continued engagement within the IIBEC leadership have shaped my successful career and developed me as a well-known building enclosure professional.

Building enclosure industry challenges

Question: What do you see as a challenge facing the building envelope community?

Amy Peevey: The building envelope industry is largely unregulated. Clients cannot always be certain they’re hiring fully qualified consultants. The IIBEC’s registered observer and consultant programs as a certified building enclosure commissioning provider, establish a standard for qualifications and practice. These standards ensure clients are engaging professionals they can rely on throughout a project.

Question: What is at the top of your agenda?

Amy Peevey: I am most excited about continuing to develop programs fostering IIBEC’s strategic plan. Also, I want to improve the growth and diversity of IIBEC culture through continued and increased IIBEC member support.

Question: Speaking of growth and diversity, what makes your appointment as President significant?

Amy Peevey: I am proud to be the first female Executive Committee member and President of IIBEC. I hope my IIBEC leadership legacy includes career mentorship, mental health awareness and tools, and a culture of accountability, adaptability, and acceptance.

IIBEC involvement opportunities

Question: In addition to membership, how can they get more involved in the organization?

Amy Peevey: Those members interested in shaping the future of IIBEC and the building enclosure industry can join our task forces and committees. These groups focus on issues related to the building enclosure community such as public policy, technical education, ethics, diversity and inclusion, industry collaboration, etc.

Question: What will be your required duties as President?

Amy Peevey: Generally, the President assists with the creation, development, and support of programs or initiatives that support the membership. They also preside at the Annual Meeting of IIBEC, and all Board Meetings and Executive Committee meetings. The President serves as a member of all committees, selects committee and task force chairs, and appoints members, as well as industry liaisons along with the Executive Committee. Additionally, they oversee the CEO’s execution of the IIBEC Strategic Plan and association management.

Please join us in congratulating Amy for such a noteworthy achievement!

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