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Jed Weiss joins SOCOTEC’s Code and Planning Service Line

Wed 07/09/2022 - 12:50

Jed Weiss joins SOCOTEC’s Code and Planning Service Line


The international construction and engineering firm, SOCOTEC, Inc., announced today that Jed Weiss has joined the firm's Code and Planning Service Line to enhance its zoning capabilities. Jed Weiss' extensive zoning expertise results from over 20 years of combined professional experience as a government official and private sector land use practitioner.  Weiss has dedicated his entire career to understanding the complex NYC land use regulations, as Mayor Eric Adams puts it, “to get stuff done."

Weiss’ experience has led him to review thousands of projects as a practitioner and as a government official at the most critical development NYC agencies: City Planning, Board of Standards and Appeals and the Buildings Department.  In real estate, extensive government and private land use experience is a unique perspective to serve clients.  Weiss will provide guidance and solutions to land use issues, including special permits, zoning variances, and navigating complex bureaucratic and municipal processes. In this role, Mr. Weiss will assist builders and design professionals to resolve complex zoning and land use regulation issues.


"We are excited that Jed has decided to join us at SOCOTEC and know that his unmatched experience will prove to be of enormous use to our clients during the development process." -Robert LiMandri, Senior Principal, Code & Planning

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