Safe & Sound: The SOCOTEC Condominium Leadership Summit | March 28, 2024

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Safe & Sound: The SOCOTEC Condominium Leadership Summit



Thursday, March 28, 2024



Le Meridien Dania Beach at Fort Lauderdale Airport - 1825 Griffin Road, Dania Beach, FL 33004
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Safe & Sound: The SOCOTEC Condominium Leadership Summit Recap

On March 28, SOCOTEC hosted the first ever Safe & Sound: The SOCOTEC Condominium Leadership Summit! This exclusive event, which was dedicated to empowering Florida condominium residents by providing expert guidance on leading safe, financially healthy, and well-maintained condominium buildings, took place at the Le Meridien hotel in Dania Beach, Florida.

We are thrilled to share the incredible journey from vision to reality, and how this event truly magnified the power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to excellence.

The meeting, bringing together more than 100 industry professionals, association board members, and executives from property management companies under one roof, demonstrated a profound exploration of the condominium sector encompassing vital topics like legislative updates and insurance requirements to best practices and compliance. Esteemed experts, including Legislators, Senior Property Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, Attorneys, Bankers, and Insurance Advisors, led educative sessions tailored to both novice and seasoned industry practitioners. 

The summit provided a platform for meaningful connections and networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and build lasting relationships with fellow condominium leaders and property management industry professionals.

The success of the Safe & Sound Summit reflects SOCOTEC's position as a leader in advancing innovation and excellence across architecture, engineering, advisory, and life safety disciplines.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all of our sponsors, partners, speakers, and attendees for their unwavering support and contributions to the success of the summit. Together, we have made a difference in promoting safety, soundness, and excellence in condominium management and beyond!

Stay tuned for future events and initiatives from SOCOTEC as we continue to lead the way in promoting excellence for a safer and sustainable world!

For more detailed information, read our event Press Release.


Key Takeaways

Speaking Panel

Topics discussed throughout the Summit imparted the following learning objectives:

  1. How your association can best cope with the latest building-safety legislation, insurance requirements, banking realities, and repair costs.
  2. How to comply with the latest state regulations for structural inspections, reserve requirements, and life/safety systems.
  3. How to navigate the insurance industry’s outlook, latest requirements, and future trends.
  4. How to best meet your fiduciary obligations as an association board member or property manager.
  5. How to utilize best practices in efficiently conducting repairs and maintenance.
  6. How to help your community save money and control costs.
  7. How to best understand and manage unit owner concerns.

Registrant Demographic


The summit offered a valuable platform for fostering connections and networking opportunities. Attendees included:

  • Legislators
  • Senior Property Managers
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Insurance Advisors

Panel 1: Legislative Update: Latest from Tallahassee

Florida state politicians, attorneys and Tallahassee insiders delve into the latest updates coming from the state capital, unpacking the implications of new building safety rules and regulations surrounding condominium communities. From legal perspectives to community impact, the panel aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape that will shape the obligations of association board members and the future dynamics of Florida condominium living.

Panel 2: Insurance Outlook & Cost Saving Measures

Industry leaders analyze the intricate intersection of Florida's insurance requirements and banking realities, exploring their profound effects on condominium community finances. Delving into the challenges and opportunities, the panel aims offer insights into successfully navigating the increasingly complex dynamics of insurance and banking for condominium communities.

Panel 3: Well-Maintained Building Best Practices

An engineer, project manager, life safety consultant, contractor and legal advisor converge to share strategic insights on optimizing compliance with state building safety regulations. Drawing on their diverse expertise, the panel explores innovative approaches and best practices to meet the evolving regulations efficiently and cost effectively with as little disruption as possible to day-to-day life at the community.


  • Panel 1: Legislative Update: Latest from Tallahassee
  • Panel 2: Insurance Outlook & Cost Saving Measures
  • Panel 3: Well-Maintained Building Best Practices

    Associate, SOCOTEC (SLS Consulting, a SOCOTEC Company)

  • Morgan MARCOS

    President/CEO, Innovative Solutions Construction, Inc.

  • Bruce MASIA

    Regional Vice President, KW Property Management and Consulting

  • Michael POU

    Principal, SOCOTEC (DSS Condo, a Division of SOCOTEC)


    Shareholder, Siegfried Rivera

  • Casey WARD

    Principal Engineer, SOCOTEC (formerly Forge Engineering)

  • Josh BURKETT

    Lobbyist/Consultant, Mark Anderson Consulting

  • David HABER

    Managing & Founding Shareholder, Haber Law

  • Jerrime KITSOS

    Senior Vice President, HUB International

  • Matt MINCHOW

    Executive Director - Community Association Banking, First National Bank of Omaha


    Executive Vice President of Business Development, Castle Group

  • Michael YORK

    Director of Business Development, SOCOTEC (formerly Forge Engineering)


    Founder & CEO, Mark Anderson Governmental Consulting

  • Donna BERGER

    Shareholder, Becker & Poliakoff

  • Hillary CASSEL

    State Representative, Florida State

  • Katharine EFFRON

    Vice President, South Florida High-Rise Division, FirstService Residential

  • Rosalind OSGOOD

    State Senator, Florida State Senate

  • Jason PIZZO

    State Senator, Florida State Senate

  • Adam SNITZER

    Principal, SOCOTEC (DSS Condo, a Division of SOCOTEC)

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