Construction Permit Filing Strategies, Approvals & Permitting

Filing Strategies, Approvals & Permitting

Filing Strategies, Approvals, & Permitting

Large municipalities have complex regulations, and there can be multiple paths to project delivery available.  As former regulators, our team has reviewed thousands of projects and revamped the procedures on how to file and how to acquire approvals and permits for demolitions, new buildings, and alterations. We can identify the critical path items and advise teams accordingly on how and when applications should be filed to expeditiously arrive at project delivery. 

Filing Strategy:

SOCOTEC will identify which filings and what sequence are necessary for your project.

Application Approvals:

We provide the plan for documented submittals and will schedule the filing of applications with agencies, including:

  • Department of Buildings
  • Landmarks Preservation Commission
  • Fire Department
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Environmental Protection

Permits, Sign-offs and Certificate of Occupancy

Working collaboratively with owners, developers, architects and other project stakeholders, SOCOTEC acquires required permits, ensures applications are filed properly, and submits final documentation to receive a timely Certificate of Occupancy.

Our experts routinely obtain Certificates of Occupancy for all types of buildings, whether newly constructed or existing.  By frequently interfacing with the municipality, we can advise owners and their construction teams how to gain final sign off and ultimately a Certificate of Occupancy; this can include advisement on tenant protection methods so that construction work can continue in an occupied building. 

The range of services we provide include closing all open applications, resolving all open violations, passing all inspections, and submitting and reviewing all paperwork with the Department of Buildings.

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