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SOCOTEC announces leadership promotions within its Architectural Division in the New York region

Sat 20/01/2024 - 03:11

Leadership Promotions of SOCOTEC's Architectural Division


We are thrilled to announce John Amatruda and Dan Popadynec have been promoted to Senior Principals and Aleksandr Barmas, and Joseph Lombardi have been promoted to Principals within our ATIC division.


Please join us in congratulating them for reaching this noteworthy milestone in their career and appreciating all they have done for SOCOTEC over the years.  



“There is a strong history within the firm, going back decades, and is our mantra of sorts: ‘you grow, we grow’. No matter the position, SOCOTEC encourages our team to continue learning and growing in their professional career. Each of my promoted colleagues deserves recognition for all that they have achieved, all that they do for the company, and allowing us to grow.  I am proud to lead such a talented group of professionals, some who have grown from junior/entry level all the way up to senior leadership. Well done!” 

-Jeffrey Somerlot, President




Based at SOCOTEC’S U.S. Connecticut location, Mr. Amatruda is the leader of our Green Services department, specializing in environmentally conscious design and the assessment of “green” materials and systems.

Mr. Amatruda holds the distinction of being the first LEEP AP registered in the State of Connecticut in 2001 and was honored as a LEED Fellow in 2013. With an impressive 39 years of expertise, he has served as a consultant on over 150 LEED projects globally, contributing to several green building studies and publications. His extensive experience has been instrumental in the successful completion of numerous projects, proving him as a highly valued leader at SOCOTEC.

We are pleased to recognize Mr. Amatruda’s significant contributions with this well-deserved promotion and look forward to his continued success and unwavering dedication to excellence in his new role. As we continue to expand our ATIC division, Mr. Amatruda’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable.

Congratulations John Amatruda!

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John Amatruda Principal Vidaris a SOCOTEC Company


Senior Principal

Senior Principal +1 203 299 1411


Senior Principal | Director, New Construction Facades

Senior Principal | Director, New Construction Facades +1 212 689 5389
Aleksandr Barmas headshot

Aleksandr BARMAS


Principal +1 212 689 5389



Principal 1 212 689 5389

“When I started working on sustainable building consulting in the mid-1990’s, it was something new and undefined. All these years later, the field has matured significantly, and continues to grow in reach and acceptance. Over 30+ years I’ve had the good fortune to work with exceptionally skilled colleagues on a wide range of notable projects for a host of dedicated clients. I look forward to continuing these collaborations to meet new challenges and to help our clients achieve their goals. The work is more important than ever.” 



Based at SOCOTEC’s U.S. headquarters in New York City, Mr. Popadynec also holds the role of Director of New Building Enclosures.

With 25 years of experience as a licensed Professional Engineer, Mr. Popadynec has devoted an impressive 19 years of his career to SOCOTEC. His extensive expertise spans consulting, design, testing, manufacturing, installation, special inspection, and rehabilitation, with a primary focus on new construction. Serving as a guiding force for clients from project inception to completion, he has emerged as a crucial team leader and trusted advisor.

We are proud to acknowledge Mr. Popadynec’s contributions with this well-deserved promotion, anticipating his continued success in his new role. Confident in his wealth of experience and knowledge, we look forward to his invaluable dedication as we expand our ATIC division.

Congratulations Dan Popadynec!

“It is an honor to be named a Senior Principal within SOCOTEC – a group with a strong legacy and brighter future. Looking forward, I am most excited to continue this legacy of mentoring colleagues and providing sound advice to our clients. There is much more for me to learn but am excited by the high level of talent of those around me stepping up.” 


Aleksandr BARMAS

Based at SOCOTEC’s U.S. headquarters in New York City, Mr. Barmas brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in architectural geometry, building physics, thermal performance, structural analysis and facade system detailing.

With over 16 years of expertise in the building envelope consulting and facade contracting industry, Mr. Barmas holds licenses as a Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, and is a LEED Accredited Professional and has worked on exemplary projects around the world. His current work focuses on a mix of complex new construction building envelope projects. Mr. Barmas’ diverse skill set and unique qualifications as a design architect, professional engineer, and sustainability consultant make him a valuable asset to us here at SOCOTEC.

We are pleased to acknowledge Mr. Barmas’ contributions with this signification milestone and look forward to his continued growth and dedication to the SOCOTEC team and clients. His expertise will be crucial as we go ahead with the expansion of our ATIC division.

Congratulations Aleksandr Barmas!

“It has been a privilege to learn and grow with the fantastic team at SOCOTEC. I look forward to continuing to improve our processes to deliver holistically developed building envelope systems, and to leverage all of our varied skill sets in all sectors to give the best value for our clients.”

Aleksandr BARMAS


Based at SOCOTEC’s U.S. headquarters in New York City, Mr. Lombardi is a Registered Architect with 19 years of experience in building envelope design, detailing and project management, with a primary focus on building envelope rehabilitation and restoration.

Over the past decade at SOCOTEC, Mr. Lombardi has consistently proven steadfast leadership in his division, overseeing an impressive portfolio of iconic projects across the Tri-State area.  His practice areas include:

  • FISP Compliance
  • Restoration & Retrofits
  • Historic Preservation
  • Special Inspection
  • Roofing & Waterproofing
  • Window and Storefront Replacement

We recognize Mr. Lombardi’s contributions with this well-deserved promotion, confident in his continued success in this new role. With his unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to clients, Mr. Lombardi has become an invaluable asset for the SOCOTEC team and will play a vital role in SOCOTEC’s continued expansion of the ATIC division.

Congratulations Joseph Lombardi!

“I am extremely proud to have been chosen for the position of Principal at SOCOTEC. Through hard work to increase my technical expertise and my relationships with New York City municipalities, owners, and contractors, I have been able to provide quality services from inception through close-out of my projects with high-end clients in New York City.  I hope to continue a good reputation in the industry for working with all members of the project team, and properly advising my clients on how to proceed in the best manner that will lead to a safe and successful outcome for their buildings.” 


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