Claims Assistance & Evaluation Provides Mediation Support to GWCC Phase II Parking Deck Project


Project name: Claims Assistance & Evaluation Provides Mediation Support to GWCC Phase II Parking Deck Project

Client: A/E design professional

Location: Atlanta, GA

Services Provided: Dispute Resolution


SOCOTEC’s Claims Assistance & Evaluation Provides Mediation Support

Through mediation and negotiation support, along with independent analysis, SOCOTEC assisted in defending against a claim that alleged our client breached its Design Contract, in the precast of a six-floor parking garage in Atlanta, Georgia. Construction on the Georgia World Congress Center garage, contracted to be built near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and referred to as GWCC Phase II Parking Deck, encountered delays and damages. Dispute resolution was paramount in this case and SOCOTEC was instrumental in providing expert services, challenging the validity of the claims against our client, leading to a successful settlement prior to litigation.

SOCOTEC's in-depth analysis and evaluation of alleged claims by the Owner against our Client (A/E design professional) was conducted by Phil Helmes and Ben Barrett, from the Dispute Resolution group in Boston.

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SOCOTEC Provides Claims Assistance During Mediation

Litigation support for construction project claims, related to damages and delays, can involve months (or even sometimes years!) of preparation, assessment, and testimony. Often this can result in gaps in scope, problematic issue validation, and communication difficulties between experts. By collaborating with a single firm of expert witnesses, such as SOCOTEC, dispute resolution analysis can better serve clients with refined coordination, attention to detail, and undaunted focus. Alternative dispute options are also available to avoid the lengthy and expensive litigation process. In GWCC’s case, a thorough independent analysis of the project record, which included contracts, schedules, change orders, and correspondence, proved vital in the case’s successful settlement.

The six Service Lines offered by SOCOTEC include: Building Envelope, Energy & Sustainability, Code & Planning, Dispute Resolution, Project Advisory, and Specialty Engineering. SOCOTEC’s Dispute Resolution team has the industry and mediation expertise to assist clients in presenting the information needed to prepare a defense.


Key Players in Key Places

The simplicity of a parking structure can often be misconstrued as an easy project to construct, but don't be fooled, as many moving parts and key players often take part behind the scenes to make these types of projects come to fruition. The design of the facility went through numerous revisions, which included changes made to the foundations, earth retention systems, and ultimately having a portion of the second-floor framing removed.  Multiple companies, whose industry backgrounds include architecture, interior design, engineering, and construction were involved in this case, since the claims were related to delays and damages.

SOCOTEC's professionals assist clients on a daily basis through resolving claims and aid in the litigation process. Phil Helmes, Principal at SOCOTEC has served clients in the areas of Dispute Resolution, Project Advisory, Root Cause Analysis, and much more, for over 40 years. He has over 280 independent analyses and evaluations to his credit and his expertise in these areas contributed to the success of this case. Ben Barrett, Director at SOCOTEC, has over 19 years of industry experience, with his areas of expertise including, but not limited to, Construction Supervision, Dispute Resolution, and Litigation Assistance. Ben was an integral component of the team effort on this case and his knowledge was notable.

SOCOTEC's professionals evaluated extensive amounts of project records, such as contracts, schedules, change orders, and communications. Phil and Ben collaborated on formulating well-rounded opinions and, based on their findings, found that the Owner’s mismanagement of the project, as well as the inability to coordinate with its contractor in a timely fashion, impacted the project cost and schedule. The experts concluded that these ramifications were avoidable.

In this particular case, our experts provided assistance to not only provide defense for our client against the allegations by the Owner, but also provide clarity as to what the root cause of issues was that presented itself throughout the project. This analysis provided a better understanding of the program and the role of key players involved in order to come to an amicable resolution. Our opinions are transparent and factual, based on all of the information reviewed and evaluated.


SOCOTEC’s Variety of Offerings

With an outstanding track-record of courtroom success where technical analysis is key in litigation claims, SOCOTEC’s subject matter experts are renowned in their fields and have a wealth of litigation experience. SOCOTEC’s broader expertise lies within the TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification) industry in the construction and infrastructure sectors by coordinating teams to solve clients’ most complex problems. SOCOTEC offers six Service Lines: Building Envelope, Energy & Sustainability, Code & Planning, Dispute Resolution, Project Advisory, and Specialty Engineering.

SOCOTEC offers services and support across many areas of expertise. Within the advisory and litigation support services division, SOCOTEC has more than 120 dispute resolution experts across 10+ offices in the US. SOCOTEC is experienced in numerous dispute resolution forums, including United States Federal and State courts, Canadian courts, other various foreign courts, and arbitration forums such as the American Arbitration Association (AAA), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and London Court of International Arbitration.

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