Municipal Support, Code Adoption and Enforcement

Municipal Support

Municipal Support

SOCOTEC’s Code & Planning team has firsthand experience and can help municipalities become more effective to adopt new ordinances, enforce codes and streamline the development process. With former building officials and examiners on staff, SOCOTEC supports government in strategy and execution of mission of building code and zoning departments.  This includes code adoption, enforcement strategies and process improvement. 

Code Adoption:

Our team understands how to facilitate the local community to adopt and modify codes.

Enforcement Strategies:

Working with some of the strictest codes in the country, SOCOTEC has experience providing enforcement programs of existing and new regulations for safety of occupied and construction of buildings.

Process Improvement:

With cities experiencing an unprecedented amount of new public, institutional and private development, many are seeking ways to be more responsive to the development community.  At the same time, cities are needing to fill several positions, leadership and/or support.

SOCOTEC’s Code & Planning team has played a supportive role in providing advice and recommendations to enhance the interface between the City and the development community through process improvement. On-site, we meet with internal and external stakeholders, witness specific planning and construction issues, as well as provide guidance to the acting leadership. We then provide a summary of observations and recommendations; this document acts as a project management plan and provides a detailed list of tasks that serves as a “roadmap” for the future.  Each task has been considered by the team and prioritized based on leadership’s view of its importance relative to the effort necessary to implement. 

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