Flood Compliance, Mitigation & Resiliency

Flood Compliance, Mitigation, & Resiliency

As many building sites are increasingly in flood zones, our resident Certified Floodplain Managers can assist teams with not only obtaining jurisdictional approvals but can advise on flood mitigation strategies as well.  Like energy compliance, SOCOTEC’s broad base of experts can assist teams with dry and wet floodproofing requirements, advise on inspections, assist with product specific approvals such as flood-resistant glazing, and assist with FEMA administrative requirements such as Floodproofing Certificates. 

SOCOTEC provides planning and inspection services for owners, government and insurance companies before and after flood events.

For planned buildings, our team of professionals will identify code requirements and options for both temporary and permanent flood mitigation systems for early integration into the design team’s drawings and specifications. We determine the regulatory requirements applicable to this project, covering Building Code Flood Resistant Construction per Appendix G of the NYS Building Code and ASCE 24-05, including:

  • Design:
    • Voluntary vs. Mandatory requirements
    • Base flood elevation and flood depth determination
    • Streetscape, transparency, and egress requirements
    • Use, occupancy and location of utilities and equipment
    • Flood zone construction standards and material restrictions
    • Current products on the market
  • Inspection
    • Required Special and Progress Inspections
    • Flood Emergency Plan Development

For existing buildings, our team of professionals provide a thorough investigation to identify areas vulnerable to flood damage. A specialized plan is then developed to assist in mitigating the risk of floods. Our team will evaluate options for both temporary and permanent flood mitigation systems to best determine the appropriate solution.

Following a flood event, SOCOTEC can provide:

  • Insurance Adjustment Support
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Business Continuity

Disaster Services:

With over 20 offices across the US, SOCOTEC is always available to support getting projects prepared for impending storms as well as helping get properties back to normal once affected by a disaster.

How else can SOCOTEC help?

Our team has a tremendous depth of experience in supporting clients with pre- and post-catastrophe events. The following is a list of services we provide to help prepare for the impacts of hurricanes, flooding or other significant disaster-related events:

  • Roof and Facade Assessments
  • Precautionary Measures/Stabilization, Temporary Repairs, and Permanent/Long-term Repairs
  • Re-Roof and Re-Cladding Evaluation and Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Flood Mitigation and Building Hardening

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