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Amy Phillips joins SOCOTEC as Managing Director

Thu 09/11/2023 - 05:50

Amy Phillips joins SOCOTEC as Managing Director

Amy Phillips joined SOCOTEC’s corporate team as a Managing Director focused on client services.

Amy will be working closely with the executive team and leadership members of the Project Advisory and Dispute Resolution division.

Amy is based at SOCOTEC’s Rockville, Maryland office and will be supporting the organization’s 6 services lines: Building Envelope, Code & Planning, Energy & Sustainability, Project Advisory, Dispute Resolution, and Specialty Engineering, with a focus on Advisory and Dispute services. With 40+ years of experience in construction consulting, dispute resolution/litigation, project planning, client services, and business development, Amy serves as a key strategic leader managing strategic initiative and client facing operations across all US teams of experts.

Her business acumen focuses on enhancing enterprise value providing clients unique solutions from a project’s initial phases to resolving disputes. Amy possesses a proven record specializing in business drivers, key performance indicators and business strategies for growth. Her focus in multi-disciplinary team collaboration and business enhancement will help lead and foster the integration of SOCOTEC’s 20+ offices.

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Welcome to the team Amy!

"It is a true honor to have the opportunity to support colleagues and friends here at SOCOTEC.  For me, having so many talented and dedicated professionals to introduce to other individuals focused on the built industry, is a pleasure and privilege.  Their skills, expertise and knowledge are tools in our toolbox.  With these we can help our communities continue to build strong for a sustainable future."

Amy Phillips, Managing Director

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